Frequently Asked Questions

Q. In what format will my artwork be delivered in?

A. All artworks from The Seashore of Remembrance come in a high resolution digital jpeg format. This allows you to print the image in whatever format you would like. The resolution will go to poster size and you can print the image as many times as you please making it great value. You are welcome to print the image for your family and friends, and also display it on the internet. 

Q. How long will it take to have my loved one's name written in the sand?

A. This all comes down to the weather that we are currently experiencing and also how many names are already on the wait list. At the moment you are looking at a 4+ month wait. For Twilight Star Names the wait can be up to 4+ months as well. You can receive weather updates for where we are in Perth at this link.

Q. My loved one's name disappeared off the wait list but I have not received the email with the photograph. What has happened?

A. This usually means that your photo has gone to your spam inbox. If you find that the photo is not in your spam folder please send me an email to and I will work it out for you. 

Q. I went to print my image but was told the photo was a too low resolution. Why is this?

A. I only ever send out high resolution jpegs. You need to make sure that you download the file to your computer rather than just copying it. Copying reduces the size of the file so that you will not be able to print it while downloading it keeps the full resolution. Sometimes if you have a monthly download limit, your internet provider will shrink the image so that you can just view it. You will need to contact them if your image comes through at a low resolution. 

Q. I printed my image and the colours are not as vibrant. What happened? 

A. The image you received is of high quality and resolution. I always advise choosing a quality photo lab to print your images to ensure the best colours. I personally use Kodak, they are a little more pricey than most standard photo labs but they do a great job. If you choose a cheaper photo lab to print your images the photos may not be as vibrant due to the cheaper paper and printing machines that the photo labs use. You may want to do a small test print first to see what the quality is like of the company you choose.

Q. Can I have more than one name written in the sand in the same photograph?

A.Unfortunately I am unable to write more than one name per photograph. The reason for this is that the more letters you have in the photograph the less clear the writing will be. I also write the names so close to the water to capture the sea and sky as well that there is not enough time before the waves come in. The more letters there are, the further I will have to stand back to capture the whole name in the shot which means if you have many letters, the writing appears very small and unclear.

Q. Can I choose the colour of the sunset?

A. As much as we would love to give everyone their "perfect" coloured sunset, it is just impossible. I have no idea what the colours of the sunset will be until we are standing on the beach watching them appear. I like to believe our loved ones paint the colours of the sunset themselves, let them surprise you :)

Q. Can you write my loved one's name under the sunset of their birthday?

A. At the moment, due to my work schedule I am unable to offer this service anymore. I apologise for this.

Q. Is there an age restriction for the names that you write in the sand? 

A. There is no age restriction at The Seashore of Remembrance. We write names for babies, children and adults of any age or gestation.

Q. What beach do you write all of the names at?

A. All of the names are written at Mullaloo Point in Western Australia.

Q. I made a mistake in my order what should I do?

A. Please email me as soon as possible at with the subject line as "Beach Order Change".

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