Sunset Names



If you are interested in making purchase today, I ask that you please take a few minutes to read about  how these artworks are created, the wait time and in what format they are emailed out in as there are some details that you will need to know.


Memorial Sunset Name JPEGs are $36 AUS each (currently around $27 US). I personally inscribe each name in the sand under the sunset as well as taking each photograph. The image is then treated to ensure the best quality for printing purposes. Once I have treated your photograph I will email it to you in a high resolution digital jpeg format. All sunsets are portrait shots.The image you receive will be an original piece that will honour the life of your loved one. This piece is completely unique to them. I do not recycle or resell Sunset Name images.

For quality purposes I only write one name (first name) per photograph. There are a few reasons for this. The main one is that the names are difficult to read when there is more than one as I have to make my writing smaller which makes the sand writing very clumpy. I also have to stand so much further back from the writing to fit the names in. I write the names very close to the water which means the name is taken out by the sea very quickly. When photographing more than one name you also lose a lot of the sky's sunset to make room for more writing. These are the main reasons why I do not offer that service. If you are looking to have more than one name featured within an image you may want to visit the main gallery to see my $15 Gallery images. Any purchase made for a Sunset Name with more than one name will be automatically refunded.

Please do not purchase a name in the sand if you have a specific image in your mind of what sort of sunset you would like. As you can see from the collage of sunsets above, the sunsets are completely different each night. I am unable to predict their colours until I am standing on the beach watching them appear. So unfortunately I cannot take special requests for colours of sunsets.
Please consider your purchase carefully as I do not offer refunds if you do not like the colours in your sunset.


You can make your purchase just below using the paypal button under the Sunset Names Image. We will email your Sunset Name to the email address that you provide. You will receive a paypal receipt to your which will confirm that I have received your order. I will only make contact with you once I have completed your order.


To have your loved one's name written in the sand, photographed and emailed to you may take up to 4 months.


To ensure vibrant colours, I always advise choosing a good quality photo lab to print your images. If you choose a cheap place to print your images, the colours are usually not as vibrant. Please note that my photographs will never be 100% crystal clear and this is because of the elements on the beach - the strong sea breeze., the sea-salt spray, the movement of the ocean and the glare of the sun. All of these elements affect the photographs because of how close to the sea I have to be when I take the photographs. In saying that, your photograph should enlarge beautifully.
When you go to print your images at a photo lab, sometimes staff members ask for proof that the images are yours. It is a great idea to take your paypal receipt with you full order so that they can see that you are not breaching copyright and that you paid for these images.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness in supporting my artwork. By making your purchase today, you are helping me to keep on creating my world-wide free community projects and workshops.

With love and blessings,

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