Lily Joy Mandalas

Welcome! If you are interested in making purchase today, I ask that you please take a few minutes to read about  the wait times, how they are created and in what format they are received and finally how to order them as there are some details that you will need to know.


Pre-Orders for these Lily Joy Mandalas are now open. These artworks are on special for $36.00 (AUS) each (Around $24.50 US) down from $44.00. Your chosen name will be written below the mandala in the sand. Single First Names Only.
Your mandala photograph will be emailed to you in a digital high resolution jpeg copy. This will come as a square image. Each image will enlarge beautifully all the way up to poster size and you may print the images as many times as you please. Each Image must feature the name of a deceased baby, child or adult within the image.  All purchased images may take up to 3 weeks to reach your email inbox.
You can make your purchase below on this page using the paypal button. We will send the image to the email address that your paypal account is attached to.

Your Joy Lily Mandala
Single 1st Name For Mandala
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To ensure vibrant colours, I always advise choosing a good quality photo lab like Kodak to print your images. If you choose a cheap place to print your images, the colours are usually not as vibrant.
When you go to print your images at a photo lab, sometimes staff members ask for proof that the images are yours. It is a great idea to take your paypal receipt with you full order so that they can see that you are not breaching copyright and that you paid for these images.
Many blessings and peace to you,
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