Sweetheart Spirit Sunset


If you are interested in making purchase today, I ask that you please take a few minutes to read about  the wait times, how they are created and in what format they are received and finally how to order them as there are some details that you will need to know.


 I draw sweethearts in the sand at the beach to honour the lives of the little babies who died in pregnancy and were never named. Sweethearts represent love. Love is pure and so are the lives of the babies that these hearts represent.

Each Sweetheart Spirit Sunset is unique, no two hearts are ever the same, just like no two sunsets are ever the same.

If you have suffered the loss of a baby that you did not name and you have been wanting a sunset to honour their life but felt you could not have one because you didn't name your baby then these might be for you.

Sweetheart Sunset are $34 AUS (Around $27 US). With a wait time of up to 8 weeks.You are welcome to have multiple hearts per photograph but please note that anymore than around 6 or hearts can look a little crowded. Depending on how many sweethearts you would like your sunset photograph may have to be a landscape shot to fit all the sweethearts in, rather than the portrait shot like in the example above.

Please do not purchase a photograph if you have a specific image in your mind of what sort of sunset you would like.The sunsets are completely different each night. We are unable to predict their colours until we are standing on the beach watching them appear. So unfortunately I cannot take special requests for sunset colours.

Please consider your purchase carefully as I cannot offer refunds.


You can purchase a Sweetheart Sunset just below on this page using the paypal button underneath the Sweetheart Sunset Images.  Once you have made your order, I will place the number of hearts you have ordered, with you first name on the wait list. Please note the wait list is only updated every few days, so don't panic if it does not happen straight away.


To ensure vibrant colours, I always advise choosing a good quality photo lab like Kodak to print your images. If you choose a cheap place to print your images, the colours are usually not as vibrant.
When you go to print your images at a photo lab, sometimes staff members ask for proof that the images are yours. It is a great idea to take your paypal receipt with you full order so that they can see that you are not breaching copyright and that you paid for these images.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness.
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