Over the last few days I have submerged myself in my heartwork. After feeling somewhat disconnected and distracted for the last couple of months, due to illness and life's other plans, it has been lovely to get back into doing what I love most - connecting with people - connecting with my passion. I have been sending out beach artworks, connecting with other hurting souls, receiving guidance from mentors and tending to my own self by taking more time out to do nothing.

To keep me grounded in my crazy, wonderful and wild life, I connect with nature. I step outside in my garden, breathe in the fresh air, lay in the sand at the beach and hold pieces of the earth in my hands. I always feel better when I am connecting with the earth. It is the reason I always have a crystal on me wherever I go. I love working with heart stones. I fill my studio and bedroom with them.

Surrounding myself with tons of love this week has really helped me to prepare for the recording of my first ever guided healing heart meditation for bereaved parents. We record the first one this weekend. I feel calm and relaxed about the whole thing, when in the beginning the whole idea frightened the life out of me. I feel very blessed to be working with a dear musician friend of mine who is going to compose all of the music for this project. I cannot wait to share this next journey with you all.

Please feel welcome to make a suggestion of guided meditation that you would like me to write and record <3 My heart and ears are open <3

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Christian. On the day he was born his parents held him in their arms and whispered all of their love to him. As much as Christian's family wanted him to stay with them here on Earth, he had many other adventures to take on in another realm. The realm of Heaven. When it was time say goodbye to their son, they prayed many blessings over Christian and then they finally sent him on his way. Broken hearted, his mama struggled to see light in the world again. She was caught in the darkness for a very long time until one evening Christian peeked through one of the star openings in sky. Down on Earth, Christian saw how broken his mother's heart was and how much she missed him so he visited her that evening while she slept. In her dream Christian showed his mama how happy he was and he also planted a seed in her heart that would surely open the door to life again for her.

It was a dream that changed her life.


Living without a piece of your heart is at times almost impossible. I had to find an outlet for my grief...
Each and every piece of my artwork here is created with a prayer and a blessing. The works are all created on the same beautiful beach called Mullaloo here in Perth, Western Australia.

It is a sacred place of healing to me and now so many thousands of people around the world. Here is where I feel free to express my heart and spirit.

All of my photographs here are created to honour those that have left this earth.
This is not a large commercial business. It is one beach and one artist. My artwork is a love letter to my beautiful son and all my family and friends who have left this world before me. All funds received go back into running Project Heal and the Luminous Light Project, anything left over goes to feeding my beautiful children. So thank you for supporting my work! It is because of you that I am able to keep on creating.

The Seashore of Remembrance gives families the opportunity to honour a loved who has passed away in a unique and meaningful way. I inscribe names in the sand under sunsets and draw butterflies for babies, children and adults of any age or gestation that have passed away.

The loss of a loved one is painful no matter what their age is. When young children pass on we weep for the time on Earth that they missed out on. For older loved ones, we weep for ourselves that we will not be able to share more special times with them.

To visit The Seashore of Remembrance Gallery and see all of my photographs that are available for purchase please
click here.

I thank you for taking the time to visit and I wish you all the love and blessings in the world.

The Seashore of Remembrance

In Loving Memory of
Lyndal Gibson, Charles Morrow and Christian Dudley

Here is a little film clip of me at working at the beach... Enjoy x


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