Flower Butterflies


If you are interested in making purchase today, I ask that you please take a few minutes to read about  the wait times, how they are created and in what format they are received and finally how to order them as there are some details that you will need to know.


All Flower Butterflies are $7.50 AUS each (Around $5.70 US). Your chosen name will be inscribed over the image in a gorgeous font. They are emailed to you in a digital high resolution jpeg copy. Each image will enlarge beautifully all the way up to poster size and you may print the images as many times as you please. Each Image must feature the name of a deceased baby, child or adult within the image. These images are not available in a jpeg format without names, they are only available in hard copies through my Redbubble Art Site. All purchased images may take up to 7 working days to reach your email inbox.

If your child did not have a name you can have little sweet hearts to represent their life. Just put how many hearts you would need in the "Name To Be Featured On Image" section in your paypal order below. Here is an example of how your hearts would look. You can also have names and hearts too.


You can make your purchase just below on this page using the paypal button under the Beach Butterflies Image. We will send the image to the email address that your paypal account is attached to.

You will need to enter the title of your chosen butterfly. The titles of the butterflies can be found directly underneath each photograph. For example, the title of the first butterfly in this gallery is "Liliosa". You will then need to enter the name/date you would like for the butterfly.


To ensure vibrant colours, I always advise choosing a good quality photo lab like Kodak to print your images. If you choose a cheap place to print your images, the colours are usually not as vibrant.
When you go to print your images at a photo lab, sometimes staff members ask for proof that the images are yours. It is a great idea to take your paypal receipt with you full order so that they can see that you are not breaching copyright and that you paid for these images.

Many blessings and peace to you,


Half Price Flower Butterfly
Title Of Flower Butterfly
Chosen Name To Be Featured
{Please double click on the images to enlarge their view}


Strawberry Dream


Rainbow Light

The Savannah Gracie Butterfly





Summer Love

Myra Lea

Autumn Glow

Once Upon A Dream


Spring Love
{Will come with the words "In Loving Memory Of" unless otherwise specified.}

Little Rosebud 


Ocean Light 


The Sunflower Sunset

The Butterfly of Joy

 Lady of The Orchids







Honey Sweets 


Ella The Fairy Maiden


Lily Rose


Butterfly of Remembrance



Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Goddess




The Sunrise Butterflies


The Angel of Innocence


The Hawaiian Faery

 The Bereaved Mother



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