Capture Your Grief - 2018

Welcome to Capture Your Grief 2018. For those of you who are new, Capture Your Grief is a World Wide Community Project designed to help bereaved parents mindfully document their grief experience and discover other ways, perspectives and ideas on healing after the death of a baby or child of any age or gestation. While this project is mainly for bereaved parents, anyone who has been touched by such a loss is welcome to join in.

Below are the writing prompts for 2018. You are invited to spend some time thinking about the subject given and share your thoughts or experience through writing and sharing a picture. This year, I have only elaborated on each individual prompt a little bit as I really want you all to sit with the prompt and see what comes up for you without too much of my words clouding your own thoughts. Share whatever you feel comfortable in sharing. If one of the prompts doesn't sit well with you, you are welcome to swap it for you own or skip a day. At no point should this become overwhelming so relax and take it easy.

While many people take part publicly, you can do the project privately if that suits you. There are no real rules, but I urge you to read these guidelines. 1: Take Care of Yourself. You do not have to complete every single day. Pick and choose as you go or make up your own subjects. Do what is right for you. 2: Use your own photographs unless you have permission from the original photographer/artist. 3. Respect others. There is absolutely no room or space here for grief Olympics. If you see a post that does not align with your beliefs and values, that is okay. Just send you love! It is free to receive and costs you nothing to giveaway. Be kind.

I will be sharing over on my facebook page and instagram and I will be doing a bunch of live video chats too throughout the month. You will be able to share your photographs and words in the comments section of my facebook page. You may post your Capture Your Grief writing wherever you please. Your favourite social media website, through snapchat filters, or simply in a journal. Please be mindful that if you share on my page, that anyone can read what you write as my page is open to the public.

Occasionally we encounter some trolls at this time of year. It is pretty rare but I feel I do need to mention it here. The moment you engage with them, you have given them what they want. So delete and block, my friends. If you do come across a troll, let their poorly chosen words wash right off you.

You can find others by using the hashtags #captureyourgrief  #captureyourgrief2018 and #whathealsyou

Please feel welcome to share this project with anyone who you think it will help.

Wishing you all a gentle month of conscious, mindful grieving.

With love,



The Capture Your Grief Subjects

1. Sunrise. Get up to watch the sunrise with us all. Share what part of the world you are joining us from.

2. Purpose - Tell us about why you are doing CYG this month.

3. Essence - Who are they to you? Do they have a name? What is the meaning of their name?

4. Today - Where you right now in your grief?

5. Rituals - What are some things you do to remember your child?

6. Healing - What are your thoughts on healing, what does it it look like for you?

7. Wisdom - What advice do you have for family and friends wanting to help a loved one who has experienced the death of their baby or child?

8. Support - Share your favourite support resources. Have you come across any therapies that have aided you and if so can you recommend any for others?

9. Transformed - How has this experienced changed you as a person?

10. Love Letter - Write your child a letter. Tell them everything you want them to know.

11. Honour - Do you do anything to honour your child's memory on special dates?

12. Just Breathe - How do you cope when people say the wrong thing? What could they say instead?

13. Educate - What do you want others to know about your experience with grief?

14. Connect - How do you connect with your child? Through creativity, prayer, meditation etc?

15. Wave of Light - Light a candle in memory of your child and become part of the most gorgeous day on the bereavement calendar.

16. Relationship - How have your relationships been affected?

17. Gratitude - Is gratitude really all its talked up to be when it comes to healing? Is it something you practise.

18. Joy - What are your thoughts on feeling joy and happiness after loss?

19. Learn - What is something that this grief experience has taught you?

20. Death - How do you believe our society in this day and age handles death? How can we normalize death and grief?

21. Myths - What are some misconceptions or myths about grief?

22. Empathy - What are your thoughts on empathy and do you believe empathy is the key to bridging the gap between the bereaved and the non-bereaved?

23. Mortality - What are you thoughts about your own death? I realise this is a BIG question so skip it if it is too much for you right now. Remember - this is not a competition - there are no prizes here!

24. Courage - Do you allow others to see your vulnerability? 

25. Who - Who has been there for you in this experience?

26. Beauty - Today share a piece of beauty with the world in honour of your child. This could be in the form of a photograph, a song, a poem - whatever your heart is drawn to.

27. Memory - No matter how small, or brief, share your favourite memory that you have of your child. 

28. Shadow + Light - As a whole we are told that there is no right or wrong way to grieve but do you feel there are healthy and unhealthy ways to grieve? What are your thoughts on this?

29. Release - Have you let go of anything or is there something that you want to let go of?

30. Gift of Life - How do you think your child would want you to live your life?

31. Sunset. - Tonight as our project comes to a close, watch the sunset and reflect upon this last month. Thank you for being with us. Whether it was for just a day or two or the entire month, thank you. It was an honour to have you join us. Be well and go on gently.

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