Angel Dust Christmas Trees


If you are interested in making purchase today, I ask that you please take a few minutes to read about  the wait times, how they are created and in what format they are received and finally how to order them as there are some details that you will need to know.


Pre-Orders for these artworks are now open. All Angel Dust Christmas Tress are $39.00 (AUS) each (Around $28 US). Your chosen first name will be written in the sand next to the tree. You are welcome love hearts drawn to represent the lives of unnamed babies. Just write how many hearts would like in the "Single 1st Name Name for the Tree" section in paypal below. Single First Names Only.
Your Angel Dust Christmas Tree will be emailed to you in a digital high resolution jpeg copy. Each image will enlarge beautifully all the way up to poster size and you may print the images as many times as you please. Many people like to include a 6x4 print in their family holiday cards. Each creation must feature the name of a deceased baby, child or adult within the image as these are memorial artworks.  The current wait time is 1 week to reach your email inbox.


A rainbow of colours

2: JOY
Purples and pinks.


Blues and aquas

Red, orange, yellow and green.

Pink, purple, blue and aqua.


Click on the down arrow to in the paypal colour options below to select your chosen colour for your Angel Dust Christmas Tree. Enter the name you would like written in the sand with your Christmas Tree. Enter your email address that I can send your artwork to.

Angel Dust Christmas Tree Colour Options
Single 1st Name For Tree
Your Email Address
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