The Return To Zero Giveaway Winners

All winners below will receive their images to their email within the next 14 days.
Congratulations everyone!

1st Prize
Cynthia Miller

You have won...
A Seashore of Remembrance Photograph Gift Set.
The gift set includes...
1 Sunset Name
1 Crystal Healing Butterfly
1 Angel Dust Butterfly
1 Sunset Butterfly
1 Flower Faery Butterfly 
1 Sea Creature
1 Recognition of Life Image
1 Original Personalized Sand Drawing of Your Choice

2nd Prize
Heather Nieto

You have won...
1 Sunset Name
1 $13 Beach Butterfly

3rd Prize
Annik Belanger

You have won...
1 Sunset Name

50 Runners Up

Charlene Taylor
Chelsea grills
Emma Ball
Kara Chapman
Cornel Muller Visagie
Stefanie Webb
Linzi Barbour
HEather Edouard
Amber Dunkerton
Ryane McCoy
Fiona Gillett
Candace J Liles
Lynne Devonshire
Anissa DiLeo
Kim Bettasso
Karen Cofield
Dana Stevenson
Nicki DAlessandro
Jaimi Layt
Melissa German
Erin Maurelli
Nancy Whipple
Liz mayfield
Rikki Donkin
Harmony Copus
Jessica (lily_rose)
Emma Flood
Erin Bellm
Kathy DiMare
Amy Dent Beebe
Paul Tadak
Vicky Townsend
Kelly Watts
Lucella Olson
Sóley Guðmundsdóttir
Melissa Bray
Aron Hill
Olivia Hillard
Becky Jarvis
Rebecca Lara
Debra Ray
JD Allen
Haley Hadduck
Jolene Chong
Tah Prellwitz
Michelle McIntosh
Mary Thompson
Alejandra Soto
Sue (in Esperence)
Laura Wilson

You have all won...
1 $13 Beach Butterfly each

For everyone who entered the giveaway and did not win an image, my sincere apologies to you. I wish I had the time to give you all something! Thank you so much for stepping up and being the change that society needs. We need every voice.

This image below is especially for you. Please feel welcome to copy it from here, download it, print it out, share it on your favourite social media website.

With love an healing to you all always,


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