Meet The Artist

My name is CarlyMarie and I am the artist here at The Seashore of Remembrance.


I love being outside, standing barefoot in the Earth. I love being by and in the sea and capturing all of it's beauty. All of my works I create with a prayer for peace for the family that I am creating the art for.

My wait lists for original artworks are usually quite long, I know that can be frustrating for people but the reasons they are long is because I do take my time to create each piece. I wait for a beautiful sunset. I do not rush anything. This work is sacred to me. So while you may have to wait a while for my artwork, please know that it was created with much love and beautiful energy.

I am so thankful to be able to live this life creating pieces of magic at the beach to honour my son and for families who have been left heart-broken by the loss of their precious babies or children.

I thank you for visiting and I hope that if nothing else, your spirits have been lifted just by stopping by my space here.

To see all of my heartwork, please visit my home website at Project Heal.

You can also find me on
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Blessings for peace to you,


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